Thursday, March 27, 2014

Dreamy Craft Studio


I really wanted to wait to post this until April 1 with the month of giveaways...but I couldn't wait. It's just too wonderful. 

While I should apologize for this post's photo-heaviness, I'm not going to because I feel every photo deserves to be here. 

Welcome to my mom's craft studio. 

My friends like to joke that the creators of Pinterest met my mom, and then created Pinterest because she is Pinterest, but human. 

She is an avid crafter, quilter, embroiderer, card maker, scrapbooker, and knitter. Basically you name the craft and my mom can do it while dancing circles around you.

What my mom takes most pride in is utilizing every object to the fullest. You know how chefs like to use the "Nose to tail" mentality? My mom likes to use anything she finds as a storage vessel for something crafty. But not without spray painting it and covering it with perfectly matched paper. See what I mean?
These are soup and veggie cans, reinvented.
TOP: Mason Jars filled with ribbons
She also loves to use inexpensive storage solutions to keep everything in proper order.
RASKOG Kitchen Cart? Nah, perfect for pens and paper cutters!
Simple paper organizer from Staples
This metal utility cart houses her Cricut cutter well, but with all the additional "S" hooks on the sides she gains twice the amount of available storage space. A simple plastic drawer unit organizes a stash of paper and card stock.
Metal utility cart houses her Cricut cutter nicely. 
 ALEX, another great IKEA find, holds her serger on top and houses her needles, thread and some embroidery hoops below.
Think you've seen it all? She's not done yet. She attached hooks to the side of her sewing table with cute little buckets to house her shears.
Obviously, no craft room is complete without a terrier.
Absolutely everything has a place, and everything is labeled appropriately so there is no question what you will find inside every drawer, shelf and jar. 
 She even decorates the space with flair! Glass pitchers are filled with ribbons and an up cycled pickle jar (with spray painted top to tie it into the space) holds silk flower petals for a splash of fun color.
One of her favorite sayings is "Spray paint is your friend!" – You can tie anything together in a space with a little spray paint. If you have odds and ends of jars or containers that don't match, spray paint all of the tops for a unified look.

As if the 650 square feet of craft Mecca wasn't enough, then you experience the "sewing closet".
Are you drooling yet? I used to live here and I still swoon when I walk into this room. 


  1. Goodness!!! What the heck does she make? LOL. This is amazing. I'm so jealous!!!! How gorgeous :)