Friday, December 20, 2013

Baby's First Christmas Craft: Salt Dough Ornaments


A friend of mine suggested making salt dough ornaments to remember how tiny Billy is this Christmas and since I love taking every opportunity to remember how tiny he is now, I jumped at the idea.  The recipe is very simple!

Salt Dough Ornaments 
2 C Flour
1/2 C Salt
3/4 C warm water (more if necessary)

Combine all ingredients in stand mixer with dough hook attachment and mix on level 2 for 10 minutes. Roll out on wax paper to 1/4" thick and cut to circles with bowl or use cookie cutters. Use a straw to cut ribbon/hanger holes in each. Imprint hand/foot and bake on wax paper covered cookie sheet at 300ยบ for 25 min. Let cool completely before painting - ornaments will continue to harden as they cool.

 And I learned a trick to baking in (somewhat) peace - pen Billy in the kitchen with me and give him a straw! Magic :)

Merry Christmas!!!


  1. Cute!!! This is a great idea that I am definitely going to try to make if I have time. Also, would be great gifts for grandparents!

  2. How many does this make? (if I need like 20, should I double, triple, quadruple, our quintuple it?)

  3. This recipe made 4 ornaments - if you need 20 I would make 5x the batch.