Tuesday, April 1, 2014

GIVEAWAY 1: Thirty-One


If you're a regular reader, you know I am a big brand advocate. I find brands that I love and stick with them, because they just work!

Well, the last eleven months (?!!) I've been using a Vera Bradley Messenger style diaper bag and it worked well and was so adorable. But, I'm a girl and I love to accessorize so having the same bag all the time left me wanting something new to try.

A friend is a consultant for Thirty-One and that is how I met my new diaper bag. I would like you to meet her too, but first I have to tell you something: I will be buying this bag for every baby shower I ever go to for the rest of my life. Because every mom needs this bag. That is how beautifully it organizes your things. 

It is called the Zip-Top Organizing Utility Tote and even at full price, it's only $35. You could buy TWO! Want to see how much stuff it holds?

 All of this!!! What is it?? From left to right:

  • Changing pad
  • Cloth wipes / spray bottle with wipes solution
  • Disposable wet bags in dispenser (because I never remember a wet bag. Note: it is not pictured...because I forgot it.) 
  • CJ's Butter Stick
  • Bibs
  • Organizer for coupons
  • Checkbook
  • Tylenol (Infant) 
  • Billy shoes (because they never stay on his feet) 
  • Sippy
  • Cheerios
  • Toy
  • Norwex travel sized enviro cloths - these are great instead of disposable antibacterial wipes to wipe down tables/high chairs at restaurants before and after dining!
  • Sunglasses (Billy and Mommy)
  • Wallet
  • Diapers! I prefer to 'travel' with pocket and AIO style diapers. It makes changes on the go that much faster! 
  • Water bottle
  • "Mommy stuff" - lip glosses/lipsticks, chap stick, gum, Tylenol and hand cream
  • Spare outfit for Billy
There are so many pockets on this bag!!! They are all on the OUTSIDE so on the INSIDE things aren't squished. You open the bag and BAM! Everything you're looking for is in plain sight. 

Plus, no matter how much you stuff the main compartment of the bag, it doesn't lose it's shape. My other diaper bag became embarrassingly overstuffed if I came close to trying to carry this much in it. Usually if I was taking a trip more than a few hours out of the house I needed to bring a second bag just for diapers. (Because that makes sense, right??) That bag always looked like it needed a diet. This bag always holds true to form, no matter how many things I have crammed inside of it. 

So this is an amazing bag for cloth diapered littles because it is so spacious, but I know how teeny disposables are. Guess what? Thrity-One has a bag perfect for disposable-using mamas and my consultant Jen is GIVING ONE AWAY to a Sparkles & Crafts reader this week! 

Meet the Keep It Caddy
The little sister of my Zip-Top Organizing Utility Tote, the Keep It Caddy is wonderful for short trips out of the house to keep all things mama and baby sweetly organized and safe. Or use it as your regular diaper bag to travel light!

Want to order one of each? Follow this link and mention me (JESS BEDSOLE) as hostess at checkout when you place your order with Jen! 

All of the Thirty-One bags are made of quality materials and come in an assortment of fun patterns! We use a Large Utility Tote to shop for groceries. I can load everything from the checkout into the bag, straight into my car, and straight into my house. I love it!!! 

Now, do you want to win some Thirty-One or what? Simply follow the Rafflecopter below: 
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  1. I am reading Mom Who Swear & Drink... sounds bad but its hilarious :)

  2. Your bag is so cute! I want the giveaway bag for my pump bag! I'm reading The Golden Finch by Donna Tartt.

  3. With a baby on the way, I could use this bag to organize our lives! 2 kids I can only imagine chaos in my car. Its messy with just 1!

  4. Super cute! Looking forward to see all the goodies this Friday!!

  5. I'd use it as a diaper bag. Ours is falling apart and we could use another one! Especially looking for one that can hold all of our cloth diapers when out and about!

  6. I'd use the bag as my emergency diaper bag... right now all the extra diapers/wipes/clothes I keep in my care for emergencies are in a shopping bag, this bag would be perfect to keep it all in!

  7. I'd use it as a diaper bag!

  8. So cute! I'd use this as a diaper bag!

  9. I'd organized my kids' stuff in the car!

  10. Its so stylish! Even if I wasn't becoming a mommy soon I would want it!

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  13. Perfect size to bring little sister some things to occupy during ballet class

  14. I"d keep it in the car stocked with snacks and diapers!


  15. I would use it to organize my nail supplies.

  16. I want this bag so bad!! I am jealous of yours Jess... I have the keep it caddy and feel like we are exploding out of it!!!! Can't wait for your show so I can get me on!!

  17. I think this is the bag my sister uses as her diaper bag. We have a couple of Thirty One totes, they are great!

  18. I would probably use it as a diaper bag or a bag to carry extra clothes in


  19. a Q (I know the giveaway is over)... is this hard to keep on your shoulder? I see you cloth diaper, which is great because I'm looking for a diaper bag for our new baby and we plan to cd. I wanted something I can keep on my shoulders or back for when I baby wear. Do you baby wear? I have been thinking a sling or a backpack would be best, but I love this bag.

    Thanks for your help

    1. It's really easy to keep on my shoulder!! Our second baby is due any day and I have it packed for two kids already - no problem!