Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Favorite Life Hacks


You've seen them everywhere - those 'Life Hack' posts of things that people SWEAR make your life easier! Well, I've been trying a few of them and have to admit, what I've tried has really worked! And definitely made my life easier. Here are a few of my faves (found on Pinterest and Google)

I love to make pasta and quinoa salads and cutting a million little cherry tomatoes in half takes forever. This life hack really works, but you need a super sharp knife to do it.
This one is my own invention, I rigged my stroller with two Mommy Clips and a Large Utility Tote from Thirty-One to get a shopping cart I can walk to and from the grocery store or through the farmer's market with! The neighbors on my street are also using this trend to their advantage!
 I do this with Billy when he's congested and it really helps him sleep!
 Marshmallows in brown sugar keeps it from clumping and drying out. So great!
I just tried this one yesterday, I had a watermelon to chop for a party and it worked PERFECTLY. Everyone got bite-sized wedges of watermelon and I had no mess to clean up from cutting the watermelon. It took me less than five minutes to cut up the melon and clean it up. I will be using this forever.

What are some of your favorite life hacks? 

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