Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Billy's Baby Shower


This past Sunday was the last of our trilogy of baby showers. I was so overwhelmed from seeing all the women I love over the last few weeks and all the gifts Billy received, I feel like this post I wrote on Facebook is the only way to describe it: 
Cried the whole way home from our shower today. My vocabulary isn't broad enough to explain how grateful we feel. Billy is truly the luckiest baby in the entire world because so many people love him so much. Thank you. Everyone!!!!!
The final shower was thrown by my mom and dad in their beautiful home. My friends and I joke that someone met my mom, and then Pinterest was born. She's that person, which is where I get my craftiness from. She's the craftiest person I know, and Dad is a trooper for always following through on her construction requests!

There was a lovely beverage bar equipped with homemade lemonade and custom-wrapped water bottles to celebrate our Billy: 
Then there was a candy "bar" full of sweets and treats for the guests to create their own candy concoction.

 Little boy details were everywhere!!
Mom made an incredible diaper wreath decorated with tons of goodies for Billy:

Because the candy "bar" isn't enough, there were also cookie pops for guests to take home and a full sweets table for all to enjoy after lunch: 

One of my favorite details of the day were the fresh flowers, artfully arranged in every room.

No shower is complete without balloons!! 
Lucy, my parents Jack Russel Terrier, thought it was her party, so she made sure to put herself as the center of attention while I opened gifts...yep, she's standing on the coffee table.
All of the gifts were incredible - Billy got SO MANY CLOTH DIAPERS!!! It was like a dream come true to me :) 

However, his Aunt Tara and Uncle Dave went above and beyond and surprised us with the Graco Trekko Travel System. This is a travel system of my dreams and I have admittedly taken it for a few strolls around the house already, because I love it so much. I feel like the luckiest mom in the world. 

The day absolutely flew! I loved spending time with everyone and I feel like the shower was over in the blink of an eye!! 

As I organize all of the other very special goodies in Billy's room, I will be sure to properly document and share with you – one of the very special items being a quilt my mom made just for Billy. It will take your breath away.

I cannot thank everyone enough - the shower hosts, guests, family, friends....thank you! This exciting time in our lives has become even more special because we've gotten to share it with all of you. 

One month from today we're expecting a BILLY!!!!

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  1. LOVE all of the details! It was beautiful. That wreath is so adorable too! :)